What is your booking process?

If you are interested in booking me, please send a general email or fill out my contact form with your event date, time, and location. If I am available, I will answer any questions, and give you a quote. If you choose to proceed with booking me, you will fill out my contract form and provide a non-refundable $200 deposit (both available electronically through my site) and you are booked! The balance is due six weeks prior to your wedding day, but we can begin discussions on your musical selections at any point after I receive your contract and deposit.


What do you charge?

My base rate is $500 for a local wedding ceremony. Depending on location, there may be additional travel/cartage fees. I can give a you a specific quote once you provide the details. The fee would include 20 minutes of prelude music while your guests arrive and are being seated, chosen recessionals (mothers, bridesmaids, bride), a musical interlude during the ceremony itself if you would like, the recessional, and about 10-15 minutes of postlude music while guests disperse. Since all weddings are different, my fee schedule is based per service, not length of time. There is an additional charge for weddings including a mass service.


Do you play outside?

Yes. However, my contract is very clear about my parameters to do so. I need easy access and level ground. Shade is a plus, but if I am only playing for ceremony and not the reception/cocktail hour, not necessary. Most couples do not want to subject their guests to inclement weather, however some have no qualms about doing so. My requirements for even light rain/drizzle is a canopy/tent provided by the client or coordinator. Many classical harpists will not bring their concert harp outdoors and substitute in a celtic harp. This is something to keep in mind when you are interviewing other musicians. In the end, my contract is very clear that I reserve the right to refuse service if the contract guidelines are not followed and you do not provide adequate shelter for the instrument. I am happy to discuss this policy more with you in person as the weather is often the biggest source of stress and the greatest variable for any outdoor wedding.


Do you play for the reception/cocktail hour?

I can, and do. However, while harp is a perfect instrument to compliment the serene setting of the ceremony, it is not always the best choice for the celebratory mood of the cocktail hour/reception. You know your guests best and I often encourage my couples to consider other options if your guest list is over 75 people. 


Do you use amplification?

No. This is usually more trouble than it is worth. The harp carries beautifully and provides a lovely, ambient sound cushion for your ceremony. Amplification may be needed for the reception, but if this is the case and you have a large guest list, as I explain above, you may want to explore different options.


Do you attend the rehearsal?

No. I have over twenty years of wedding experience. You can expect extensive communication with me when we are sorting out the details of your ceremony and I will share my expertise with you so that things go smoothly. Much of the coordination on the day of your wedding needs to happen between myself, your officiant, and whoever is assisting you to coordinate. I strongly advise my couples to invest in a wedding coordinator, or delegate a competent family member or friend to take on the important role of orchestrating the entrances for the processionals. This may seem like a small thing, but timing, details, and good communication can guarantee a perfect delivery.


Do you meet with couples?

Not usually. I am available via phone and email and have extensive sound clips available for listening. When you are ready to select your music for the ceremony, it's usually best to have a phone conversation. I also like to touch base within a week of the ceremony to confirm details, answer any questions and be absolutely clear for myself so that I can perfectly choreograph the music. Please check my blog for tips and things to think about when selecting your music.